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Disclosure log

The LSB’s disclosure log lists responses to some of the requests made to us under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. The responses included on the log have been chosen on the basis of their wider public interest, and that they would assist the public in gaining a better understanding of our work. Personal details such as names and addresses have been redacted to protect requestors’ privacy.


20140819 - Request for full details of all Freedom of Information Requests that the LSB has received in the last calendar month from the date of this request

20140723 - Request for how many visits to the Legal Services Board website have been recorded for each month since 1st January 2014

20140610 - Request for information about the LSB’s ICT services

20140606 - Request for information about the LSB’s legal department, memoranda of understanding with other organisations and complaints made to the LSB

20140507 - Request for information about how the SRA regulates alternative business structures and about the LSB’s legal status

20140401 - Enquiry into whether the LSB’s requirement that diversity information about the solicitor profession be published has been implemented

20140307 - Request for the total number of laptops owned by the LSB that were registered to and/or in the possession of staff members on 1 May 2010 and 1 May 2013

20140225 - Request for information about the total amount paid in legal aid for work undertaken by a named individual

20140217 - Request for information on how the LSB is funded, staff pay, consultation with the Criminal Bar Association and the qualifications of its staff

20140206 - Request for details of office accommodation that the LSB provides to enable the carrying out of trade union business

20140113 - Request for all complaints and investigation information held by LSB about a firm of solicitors

20140108 - Request for information about the correspondence between the LSB and the Executive of the Legal Education Training Review