Publication Scheme

Our publication scheme is a guide to the information routinely available from the Legal Services Board

Freedom of Information Act – Publication Scheme

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (‘the Act’) requires public authorities like the Legal Services Board (LSB) to adopt a publication scheme that sets out the information that we will routinely and proactively make available to the public, and to ensure that the information is published in accordance with that scheme. We welcome these requirements.

This page sets out the information that we will routinely make available to you, where and when that information is available, and whether there will be a charge for the information.

The independent Information Commissioner is responsible for promoting good practice and ensuring compliance with the Act. The Information Commissioner’s Office is the leading source of guidance about the Act:

The Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF

T: 08456 30 60 60 or 01625 54 57 45


What information is routinely made available by the LSB?

The LSB makes a significant amount of information routinely available to the public. This page helps us to operate as transparently as an oversight regulatory body can do. In the majority of cases, the information that you will be looking for will already be available on our website, and there should be no need for you to make a formal request under the Act. However, if you cannot access the information you want, you can write to us to make a request for information, in line with our Freedom of Information Act policy.

Our core statutory functions and corporate structure are such that some information will not routinely be made available.

A Chief Executive’s Report is published alongside each formal meeting of the Board.  The LSB aims to provide helpful information in the Chief Executive’s Report and its annexes. Information that might be published as part of the paper includes but is not limited to: formal correspondence between the Chief Executive and members of the Board; official correspondence between the Chief Executive and senior members of other approved regulators, and consultation responses.

There are exemptions from the information that we will publish. Information will not be published where in our view there are issues of commercial sensitivity, unwarranted invasion of privacy, confidentiality or where publishing the information would not be in the public interest or compatible with the Legal Services Act 2007.

The report may be redacted in line with the exemptions set out in the Freedom of Information Act.

It may not be appropriate – and, in some cases, it may be misleading – to release information, for example during the development stage of a policy. However, the Legal Services Act 2007, which established the LSB, requires us to consult openly about our strategic priorities and the policies that we adopt under that strategy. Once the Board has come to an agreed view about policy proposals, we will always consult – and, by consulting, we will share with stakeholders and the wider public our thinking.

This page has been developed in line with the Information Commissioner’s Model Publication Scheme and Definition Document for Non Departmental Public Bodies. The information that we will routinely make available is therefore grouped under seven ‘classes of information’:

  • who we are and what we do
  • what we spend and how we spend it
  • what are our priorities and how are we doing
  • how we make decisions
  • policies and procedures
  • lists and registers
  • the service we offer.

How does the scheme work? Will I be charged for the information?

The information listed on this page is available on our website and in print. You can access information:

  1. On our website (
    If the information is available on our website, a link will be provided. There is no charge for such information. Responses to all information requests that we have previously received are also held on the website.
  2. By email
    You can email a request to, including the words ‘publication scheme’ in the subject heading. There is no charge for information provided electronically.
  3. By post
    If you ask for information that is available on our website to be provided in paper format, it may be necessary to make a charge. For example, if a large amount of photocopying or printing is required, or if the cost of postage of a large volume of paperwork is very high, a charge is more likely to be made. You will be notified in advance of any charges.

How up-to-date is the publication scheme?

Most of the information that we make available will be current. However, for certain classes of information, it may be necessary to publish the information retrospectively.

Information will not be made available indefinitely. We are committed to providing the public with as much information as is practicably possible, however, it is important that we provide only relevant and up-to-date information.

Is the information available in other languages?

Most of our information is currently available only in English. We have a Welsh Language Scheme. We will aim to reply to correspondence received in Welsh within 15 working days, and provide copies of material that is not currently available in Welsh as soon as possible.

Is the information available in alternative formats?

We will supply information in alternative formats where, through reason of disability, standard electronic or hard copy documents may be inaccessible. When making a request, please let us know how you would like the information communicated to you – and we will do our best to comply. Providing information in alternative formats may take longer than would otherwise be the case.

 Our information

 Who we are and what we do – Organisational information, structures, locations and contacts.

Information Website links
Roles and responsibilities of the LSB About us

What we do

Legal Services Act 2007

LSB organisational structure About us

Organisation chart

Information relating to the legislation relevant to the LSB’s functions About us

Legal Services Act 2007

Lists of and information relating to organisations with which the LSB works in partnership Approved regulators

Legal Services Consumer Panel

Office for Legal Complaints

LSB Framework Document

Useful links

Senior staff and Board members Our Board

Senior staff

The location and contact details for the LSB Enquiries


What we spend and how we spend it – Financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audit.

Information Website links
Financial statements, budgets and variance reports Publications

Board Meetings

Capital programme Currently available only on request
Spending review
Financial audit reports Publications
Staff and Board members’ allowances and expenses LSB Governance Manual

Board interests and expenses

Pay and grading structure Our staff

Pay and grading structure

Procurement and tendering procedures LSB procurement framework
Lists of contracts awarded and their value
Financial statements for projects and events Currently available only on request
Internal financial regulations LSB finance regulations


What are our priorities and how are we doing – Strategies and plans, performance indicators, audits, inspections and reviews.

Information Website links
Strategic plans Publications

What we do

Annual business plan
Annual report Publications
Internal and external performance reviews
Reports to Parliament
Inspection reports (where the NDPB is subject to formal inspection) Not applicable
Service standards Publications
Statistics produced in accordance with NDPB’s requirements Not applicable
Public service agreements LSB Framework Agreement


How we make decisions – Decision-making processes and records of decisions.

Information Website links
Major policy proposals and decisions Our work

LSB Governance Manual

What we do

Open consultations

Closed consultations

LSB responses to consultations

Background information relating to major policy proposals and decisions
Public consultations Open consultations

Closed consultations

LSB responses to consultations

Minutes of senior level meetings Board meetings[1]

Audit and Risk Assurance Committee

Remuneration and Nomination Committee

Reports and papers provided for consideration at senior level meetings
Internal communications guidance and criteria used for decision-making i.e. process systems and key personnel Regulatory approach


Our policies and procedures – Current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering services and responsibilities.

Information Website links
Policies and procedures for the conduct of departmental business  

Policies and procedures

LSB Governance Manual

LSB Framework Document

Policies and procedures for the provision of services Not applicable
Policies and procedures for the recruitment and employment of staff About us

LSB Governance Manual

Work for us

Customer service How to complain about the LSB
Records management and personal data policies Privacy statement

Data protection policy

Charging regimes and policies Not applicable


Lists and registers – currently maintained lists and registers.


Information Website links
Public registers and registers held as public records Board interests and expenses
Asset registers and Information Asset Register Currently available only on request
Disclosure logs Freedom of information disclosure log


Register of gifts and hospitality provided to Board members and senior personnel Board interests and expenses
Any register of interests kept in the department Board interests and expenses
Other lists required by law LSB public registers

Data Sets | Data sources



If an organisation receives a request for any dataset, it is then required to publish that dataset (unless it considers it is inappropriate to do so), and to publish updates to that dataset. The LSB publishes all datasets related to research, on our research webpages.

Data Sets Data Sets

The service we offer – Information about the services we currently provide, including leaflets, guidance and newsletters produced.

Information Website links
Regulatory responsibilities About us

Our work

Legal Services Act 2007

Services for public authorities
Services for industry
Services for other organisations
Services for members of the public
Services for which the NDPB is entitled to recover a fee together with those fees Designation applications
Leaflets, books and newsletters News and publications
Advice and guidance
Media releases News and publications

Press releases

For any further assistance or guidance, please contact our Board Secretary:

Legal Services Board, The Rookery, 2 Dyott Street, London WC1A 1DE

T: 020 7271 0070


[1] Minutes and other Board meeting papers will generally be published in full, although it may be necessary in some circumstances to extract or to redact specific information or, rarely, to withhold publication. Board and Committee minutes are published after the subsequent meeting.