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This section includes:

our organisation chart

brief biographies of our executive team

anonymised diversity and equality information about our colleagues

If the information you require is not available, please contact our Board Secretary on 020 7271 0070 or boardsecretary@legalservicesboard.org.uk

Our Executive Team

Neil Buckley, Chief Executive

Neil joined the LSB in January 2016 as Chief Executive and as a member of its Board.

Before joining the LSB, Neil was Director of Investigations at Ofcom, where he led a team responsible for enforcing competition law and the regulatory rules that apply to the communications sector. The team was also responsible for Ofcom’s dispute resolution functions. His previous roles at Ofcom included Director of Consumer Policy.

Neil qualified as a Solicitor in 1990 and worked for a number of law firms in the City of London, specialising in international private arbitration.

Neil has a Masters degree in Regulation from the London School of Economics and an undergraduate degree in law from Hertford College, Oxford University.

Photo of Neil Buckley

Chris Nichols, Director of Regulation and Policy

Chris is responsible for the LSB’s regulatory and policy work. This includes overseeing the performance of legal services regulators and decisions on whether to approve rule changes. Prior to joining the LSB, Chris worked at the Bar Standards Board and in the Legal Services Act commencement team at the Ministry of Justice.

Chris Nichols

Caroline Wallace, Strategy Director

Caroline Wallace leads the Legal Services Board’s research, communications and policy development teams. She is responsible for developing the LSB’s strategy and ensuring it is effectively communicated and delivered across the range of the LSB’s work. She also drives the LSB’s work on independence of regulation, public legal education and EU exit. She joined the LSB in 2014 from the Competition Commission (now the Competition and Markets Authority), where she spent nine years as an Inquiry Director and was responsible for merger and market investigations under the Enterprise Act. Before the Competition Commission, Caroline worked at Oftel, Ofcom and in the private sector in telecoms and manufacturing.

Caroline Wallace

Steve Brooker, Head of Policy Development and Research

Steve’s key responsibilities include foresight and horizon-scanning in the legal services sector and beyond; policy development in new or emerging areas of interest to the LSB; and oversight of the LSB’s research programme.

Steve has a wealth of experience in consumer and regulation policy having worked across a range of markets and published a series of influential reports. Most recently he established the Legal Services Consumer Panel, which he led for five years.

Steve was formerly Head of Fair Markets at Consumer Focus where he managed a policy and public affairs team working on a wide range of issues including financial services, the digital economy, consumer law, redress and enforcement. Prior to that, he led the National Consumer Council’s policy work on regulation and civil justice issues.

Steve Brooker

Diversity survey

We carried out anonymous and voluntary diversity surveys of our Board, Consumer Panel members and executive colleagues in 2018 , 2017, 2012 and 2010.

  1. 2018 LSB diversity survey
  2. 2017 LSB diversity survey
  3. 2012 LSB diversity survey
  4. 2010 LSB diversity survey
  5. *We destroy the individual inputs once we have collated the final report.

In presenting the results, we do not include industry or sector comparators; or general or economically active comparators because we do not think such comparators are directly applicable to very small organisations. For us, one person in any category represents a 2% shift and as we break the organisation down into levels of seniority, one person can shift results by as much as 20%.

Our 2018 report includes details of the key findings of the survey and action we are considering as a result.