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Diversity survey

We carried out anonymous and voluntary diversity surveys of our Board, Consumer Panel members and executive colleagues in 2017, 2012 and 2010.

  1. 2017 LSB diversity survey
  2. 2012 LSB diversity survey
  3. 2010 LSB diversity survey
  4. *We destroy the individual inputs once we have collated the final report.

We cannot compare directly the results of each survey. This is because:

  • in 2017, we broke our organisation into different segments as compared to both 2012 and 2010
  • in 2017 and 2012, we adopted the 'model questionnaire' from our diversity guidance, which addresses more areas than our 2010 survey did, and in some of the repeated areas, has different options for answers
  • we did not include Consumer Panel members in 2010.

In presenting the results, we do not include industry or sector comparators; or general or economically active comparators because we do not think such comparators are directly applicable to very small organisations. For us, one person in any category represents a 2% shift and as we break the organisation down into levels of seniority, one person can shift results by as much as 20%.

Our 2017 report includes details of the key findings of the survey and action we are considering as a result.