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We publish all our research specifications in order to set out clear project aims and promote transparency. The list of specifications can be found below, with the latest specifications shown first.

All research is subject to our standard terms and conditions contract: LSB Research Contract

A non-collusive tendering certificate must be submitted alongside any bids for research contracts: Non-collusive tender agreement

July 2018 – 2018 Individual Legal Needs survey and analysis, joint commission with the Law Society. Please see their website for details.

November 2017 – 2018 Survey of Innovation in Legal Services – Fieldwork

May 2017 – Analysis of 2017 Small Business Legal Needs Survey

January 2017 – Survey of Small Business Legal Needs – Fieldwork

November 2016 – Prices of legal services 2017 – Fieldwork

October 2016 – The Experiences of Consumers in Vulnerable Circumstances with Different Legal Services Providers

September 2015 – Direct Access Barristers

September 2015 – Legal Services Consumer Tracker Survey

September 2015 – Unregulated Legal Services Providers

July 2015 – Understanding changes in prices of legal services

December 2014 – 2015 Small Business Legal Needs Survey

December 2014  – 2015 Small Business Legal Needs Analysis

November 2014 – Qualitative investigation into unbundled legal services

October 2014 – In-depth investigation into the cost of regulation in the market for legal services for regulated entities

Copy of the 2014 cost of regulation survey 

October 2014 – In-depth investigation into cost of regulation in the market for legal services for regulated individuals

Copy of the 2014 cost of regulation survey

June 2014 – Investigation into the cost of regulation in the market for legal services in England and Wales

January 2014 – Online divorce research

November 2013 – Lessons from the personal injury market

November 2013 – Understanding consumers attitudes and beliefs

October 2013 – Effective methods of supporting consumers to identify and respond to legal problems

March 2013 – Understanding barriers to entry, exit and changes to the structure of regulated legal firms

January 2013 – Research to develop a framework for analysis of proportionality of legal services regulation

January 2013 – LSCP consumer tracker survey 2013-2015

January 2013 – Understanding the challenges facing people with learning disabilities accessing legal services

November 2012 – Statistical analysis of consumer data

October 2012 – Consumers who don’t use lawyers

October 2012 – Behavioural economics and legal services

October 2012 – Piloting the small business survey

October 2012 – Small business research pilot analysis

March 2012 – Understanding the impact of the cab rank rule

December 2011 –  Understanding consumer’s expectation and valuation of regulation

December 2011 – Developing a benchmark of application of professional principles by legal professionals

December 2011 – Developing a framework to benchmark small business consumer use of legal services

November 2011 – Understanding consumer needs from legal information sources

October 2011 – Benchmarking individual consumers use of legal services

March 2011 –  Literature review summarising the use of aptitude testing

March 2011 –  Benchmarking City and High Street legal service provision

March 2011 –  Understanding the supply of legal services by special bodies

February 2011 –  Understanding consumer experience of first tier complaints

February 2011 –  International approaches to legal education and training

January 2011 – Quality Assurance for Advocates: best practice assessment methods and scheme design

December 2010 – Regulatory Information Review – literature review

November 2010 – Developing a framework for benchmarking the supply of legal services

October 2010 – Understanding the consumer experience of will writing services

July 2010 – Understanding the economic rationale for legal services regulation

July 2010 – Understanding consumers’ views of quality in legal services in England and Wales

February 2010 – Drivers behind the diversity experience of the legal market in England and Wales

January 2010 – Cost benefit analysis of the impact of referral arrangements

December 2009 – Qualitative study into the provision of legal services to small businesses

November 2009 – Quantitative study into consumers understanding of the legal services market